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RDI Investigators

Our expert, investigative staff consists of ONLY former federal, state and local law enforcement officers. They are selected from the most prominent, federal agents and sworn police officers currently licensed to conduct private investigations.


Although RDI investigators are former or current law enforcement officers, these men and women have served as special agents and peace officer’s for various law enforcement agencies and departments. We are proud of our law enforcement careers and have maintained contacts with our agencies, and associations. These ties keep us apprised of changes in law and provide us with the knowledge necessary to conduct our investigations without compromising our cases or client’s.

Below is a small list of our formers agencies. Researching these agencies can also provide you with insight to our superior investigative staff:


IRS (Criminal Devision)
Secret Service
Diplomatic Security Service
U.S. Marshals Service
US Customs Service


Alcohol Beverage Control
California Dept. of Insurance
Department of Consumer Affairs
Texas Dept. of Public Safety
California Highway Patrol
Virginia State Police Dept.


San Diego PD
Miami-Dade PD
Austin, PD
Metro Police D.C.
Baltimore PD
San Diego Sheriff

Knowledge is power

Every state in America that requires private investigators to obtain a license prior to conducting any investigation, also allows a licensed investigation company to employ any, person regardless of training or experience to conduct your investigations. Our client’s are assured all of their investigations are conducted by investigators who received formal training and graduated from a law enforcement academy and continued honing the skills as investigators throughout their successful law enforcement careers.

Investigation Staff and Support

All investigators are carefully screened and conform to the highest “law enforcement standards,” thus exceeding the industry standards, . Their knowledge and expertise yield professional investigations which are conducted and maintained under demanding guidelines. Furthermore, several of our staff members are bilingual which permits us to investigate matters in many locations throughout the world.

ALL RDI Confidential, Inc. investigators are former criminal investigators and have trained extensively at the best law enforcement academies in the U.S., to include the DEA, FBI, Academies, Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, as well as State and Local Police Academies.

RDI’s investigation teams include intelligence analyst, specialists in law enforcement, criminal justice and government service. RDI investigators conduct in-depth interviews, search online databases, visit courthouses and municipal offices throughout the country to retrieve and review documents pertinent to the ongoing investigation. The training and professional skills utilized by our investigator has proven to be the difference.

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